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T&D at Schools

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Training at educational institutions specifically at school levels plays an important role which aims at the development of performance of the individual and the impact of these learnings lasts during their entire lifetimes.

Since these programmes are carried out at an early age, the impact of these programmes have a long lasting effect of the thinking and reactions of every individual, and thus helps these individuals in carving a niche place in the society for themselves.

ODC has many short term interventions which have a long pronged approach and these are in tandem with the objectives of every school and that is to develop a good citizen with exceptional qualities and highly recommendable values which every student needs to possess to progress in the ways of life.

Every academic institution faces an arduous task of maintaining high standards and at the same time delivering effective results through the students’ performance.

And this task becomes more difficult with the rising demand and competition within the academic disciplines themselves because of the nature of education policy and system which is followed and practised.

Also is the cumbersome task of completing the syllabi of the academic year within the stipulated period where the key challenge being able to focus on each individual’s development.

Also another well-known fact that academic institutions face is the challenge of not being able to provide for individual attention which many learners require.

ODC offers training programmes which engage and enables the students to perform with ease in independent capacity and also be self-sufficient when it comes to issues pertaining to performance and achieving results.

ODC takes adequate care while preparing the content which is addressed at the nascent learning minds which it intends to impact.

Many schools have accommodated ODC’s training programmes and have intelligently integrated their academic calendar accordingly.

Another angle of intervention which ODC requests the schools to organise is the Parent training initiatives because the students are definitely more influenced by the parents and only they can bring about a structural change in the child.

However the need for fundamental change still exists which is strategically bridged by ODC’s parent training programmes.

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