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T&D at Industries

Learning at Industries

The concept of Training within the sector of Manufacturing Industries is sometimes a little difficult task because of the fact that majority of the employees come from less educated backgrounds, and in many such industries importance to training and development of employees is dealt with a laid back attitude for the lack of adequate budgets and inability to arrange for and or improper organising.

The scenario at large scale industries is different because they understand the importance of training when it comes to quality of productivity levels of the employee, and such industries have an independent approach when it comes to training and are equipping their employees better with planned interventions and training programmes, another point of mention is that this sector caters to a larger customer base which demands highest quality, thereby the industry does need to engage in best practices for employee development.

However, the situation is quite different when training is in question at medium and small scale industries, the medium sector industry focusses majorly on the technical aspects of training and the small sector industry does not even cater to the technical needs and the scene appears more like “Learn on the Go”.

Thanks to globalisation and other factors like attrition, arson, pilferage, quality and systems the trend is slowly changing in the medium and small scale sector, today even these have started to focus on employee development.

ODC has structured training programmes for employees at various levels within the industrial sector, and we have conducted more than 80 such programmes across various types of industries ranging from micro, small, medium, large, public sector undertaking and international manufacturing companies as well.

The response and feedback for these programmes are tremendous and the content is appreciated for the relatedness to the job roles.

Levels of Intervention