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T&D at Corporates

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn

Training in the corporate environment is altogether a different experience.

ODC’s first exposure to training is attributed to the fact that the founding members of ODC have served both at corporate organisations and government autonomous institutions during their earlier years of career where the culture for training influences the minds of every employee and impacts their approach to daily life.

Training programmes are always customised and are tailored to match the ever changing expectations and environments of these companies, no matter how big or small.

The environment is apt for development of employees and this is reflected in the reasons of heavy salary figures and also the budgets for training of employees is also quite liberal.

However, it is also observed that because of the rising salary culture many of the employees are often found to hop or jump jobs just for a raise in their salaries.

Now this could be attributed to the fact that the employees background and futuristic goals are not referred to by the employing organisation as it does not intend to retain the employee beyond a said limit in time.

Another reason is that the ever needing employee will always look at decent hikes and perks at periodic intervals which puts a constraint on the organisation’s budgets for the said role and responsibility.

Nevertheless organisations put in considerable effort in grooming and retaining good performers and these facts are better emphasised through regular employee engagement activities and other training programmes which are aimed at keep the employee in good spirits, culture and upto date when it comes to dealing with work and customers.

Organisations are also moving into collective learning environments where best practices are shared between competitors and likewise the quality is improved at every level.

The influence of the client of the organisation also plays a crucial role in the area of employee training.

Every client brings unique models of business and process is likewise different, hence the client insists that the team servicing the said client are put through client specified training modules to enable the employees perform better.

ODC’s approach in preparing the training programmes when the audience are from a corporate environment is quite different and we inculcate working factors and client specifics when the modules and the content is prepared.

Also ODC bears in mind that the content is uniform throughout the said entire process or in some cases the entire organisation receives relevant and similar content in context to their job role and responsibilities.

ODC also works with corporate companies on a contractual basis and conducts pooled training programmes for the smaller headcounts.

These programmes are usually self-nominated or nominated by the direct managers of the employee.

The programmes are categorised basis the job importance and are directed towards the performance of the employee in the role.

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