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T&D at Colleges

Colleges & Environment

The environment at colleges is quite lenient and liberal to the student while making choices, this freedom is however new to the child.

Many irrelevant factors pertaining to social, economic, situational and cultural backgrounds play havoc and interfere with the necessary focussed approach the student needs to possess to excel in academics and evolve into a success oriented adult.

Another influencing factor at this age of the student is the concept of attraction or aversion for the opposite gender has been found predominantly a major cause for social disharmony and likewise a major reason for the dip in the performance of the student.

Teachers here are termed as Lecturers and the role of supporting the development is often limited only to the duration of the intervention, while bearing in mind the damage caused by favouritism which also reduces the figure of performance drastically.

The teacher or lecturer is seldom successful because of the limited time spent with the student thereby failing to influence and develop the student during this challenging age.

Another salient factor is that the child observes the environment where the parents of classmates continue to pamper their children with excess pocket money for the child to lay off the parents' busy schedules and committed lifestyles.

Parents here believe that if their children have the money and liberty, the child will develop into a responsible adult and with adequate comforts that the parent is unable to provide because of the unavailability and shortage of time.

But the parent fails to remember that the avenues for the child to go wrong with their decisions at this crucial age are aplenty and the reasons are many.

When damages are visible in the society immediately the child is again protected and the academics are discontinued in many cases because of the simple factor that the parent would be blamed for the misdeeds of the child.

This is a challenge for many students at this age because of their limited exposure into the real world and job scenarios considering the amount of competition.

ODC here provides the adequate support as required by the student and also to the lecturers from a neutral perspective and showcases the beauty and charm of achieving real time success into the lives of these students who are carried astray by the winds on chance.

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