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Our Approach

The purpose of having Consulting in the company name was with the concept of playing the role of an external facilitator while executing Organisation Development and Training services that ODC offers.

However, the market tendency to approach ODC with their real life problems literally forced ODC to step into this area of providing short cut solutions in the form of Consulting services.

Ever since January 2009, ODC has intervened with an average of at least one customer per working day with their problem, which estimates roughly to 200 clients every year and the total figure crosses 1500 clients from different business backgrounds and locations across the world.

The consulting vertical is completely different from the other two verticals of ODC, in this vertical ODC relies upon Subject Experts from over 85 technical core domains, and these Subject Gurus are known for their ability in solving problems in the technical stream that they represent. Our technical consultants are the highest paid in the industry of consulting; well this could be held good for the entire continent of Asia and not just India.

ODC has catered to many clients from other countries apart from the Indian sub continent which include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Romania, England, France, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and America.

This division of ODC does not require any effort of marketing because the number of enquiries from the earlier references keeps us so busy that we have a Call Centre model for the support mechanism and for market service penetration we have more than 120 consultants and advisors across India and also in some parts of the world.

Our process of consulting is very elaborate and the key of this vertical of business is to engage in continuous improvement within ODC for improving the delivery and service team to support different models of businesses and the diversity of problems which are faced every day.

ODC also provides with an outsourced support model of services for select clients and this again is only for a limited period till the client is in a position to implement the same in-house. ODC has worked with many clients from various sectors.

Our Specialities