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What is?

Organizational Development Consulting

OrgDevCo Organizational Development Consulting Private Limited



An Internal OR External
motivation and support
to bring about the

OrgDevCo Organizational Development Consulting Private Limited



More Business
Happy Customers
Satisfied Employees
Better Profits!

OrgDevCo Organizational Development Consulting Private Limited



A helping hand to achieve
the desired
goal within a specified


was established by a Clinical Psychologist & Organisation Development Professional with the operations based from Bangalore in 2009.

A Sneak Peek

into the past of

Why ODC?

Our driving forces..

Well known fact:

Every Individual is Unique,
Every Business is Unique,
Every Process is Unique
& People who work together are
Definitely not the same.

Therefore whenever a problem or situation arises, it can never be same as another occurrence no matter how similar in nature it may be.

No Books or Formulae

Have you ever heard of any book where you could get the solution to any Problem? Or have you come across any such Formula anywhere which solves your Problem?

Therefore there can never be a standard solution to every problem. And there is no standard method of solving everybody's problem.

Solving any Problem

Ever since 2009, we have resolved many problems irrespective of the business type, scale, stage and situation by offering approachable, realistic & profitable solutions.

We take pride in our team who sincerely care for You and your problem and assist and work towards resolving those problems.